Excellent Natural Remedies for Fatigue

Suffering from extreme exhaustion? Think you have adrenal fatigue? If so, then you might already be aware of the hundreds upon hundreds of natural remedies for fatigue posted on the Internet. The problem is that only one or two out of every ten will actually work. The rest are bogus.

Natural Remedies for Fatigue

It’s no surprise that many home remedies for fatigue are placebo treatments or are not as effective as they claim to be. Many people simply copy what they’ve heard, read, or seen somewhere else without verifying or testing thoroughly.

So which fatigue remedies work? Which ones don’t? To find out here is a look at some of the most common natural remedies for fatigue and an objective evaluation to determine whether or not they actually work.

Getting Enough Sleep

There’s no doubt this remedy works. When you’re exhausted the first thing you want to do is rest and that’s basically the body’s way of telling you it needs to take some time to repair. Unfortunately, if you are suffering from adrenal insufficiency or adrenal fatigue then it is likely you’ll be suffering from insomnia as well.

Having trouble sleeping can make this remedy a bit tricky to accomplish and you shouldn’t immediately jump to sleeping pills. Instead, look for ways to rest like taking 20-minute power naps or by digesting food that naturally lulls you to sleep.


Cup of coffeeCoffee is one of the most popular pick-me-ups in the world and for good reason; its high content of caffeine will really stimulate your system back up and that would have been a good thing if you only need extra energy for an hour or two. When you’re fatigued, you want the exact opposite.

Too much stimulants in the body will force the adrenal glands to work overtime and that’s never good. You want your body to rest so taking any stimulants as strong as coffee or an energy drink will do the exact opposite of what you need.

You want energy levels high but you don’t want to overwork your adrenal glands. This is where energy boosters – not stimulants – come in handy. Milk and herbal extracts are great substitutes.

Protein Supplementation

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you want to keep energy levels high since you want the body to function normally even when the adrenal glands are plagued with fatigue. However, you don’t want to stimulate them and force them to overwork. That’s where proteins come into the picture.

Proteins are the energy boosters of the body. Many herbal extracts contain them and so does milk and eggs. Eggs, as a matter of fact, are a great supplier of protein and it also contains many other energy boosters like iron, vitamin A, folic acid, and more.

Alcoholic Drinks

Yes, alcoholic drinks like beer are meant to relax the body. Beer is a second class depressant, after all. They are the exact opposite of a stimulant but they are just as bad for fatigue as coffee is. This is because beer is laden with so many toxins that it forces the adrenal glands to keep working even when you’re asleep!

Fermented drinks are good for fatigue but these come from pharmacies and are in medical doses, not from the bottle of ale you might have bought at the grocery store.

If you need a drink to help you relax then it is suggested to seek a medically-approved fermented solution. Never listen to random posts on the Internet that simply say that their uncle’s coworker had a best friend who used beer to fight fatigue. The sheer randomness without any credibility could cause you further harm.

Healthy Diet and Hydration

This is like hitting two birds with one stone; you want to keep yourself hydrated and you want to follow a simple but healthy diet that will keep your body healthy. You want to remove the toxins plaguing your adrenal glands so food rich in antioxidants, energy boosters, and body cleansers will help.

Water is a key aspect here because lots of water in the body promotes better blood circulation, better nutrient absorption, better blood pressure, and even better adrenal gland health. It flushes out the toxins that could be causing you fatigue and it works hand in hand with antioxidants from fruits.

Cortisol Replacements

You need to understand that the remedies for fatigue are not the same remedies for adrenal insufficiency. The latter will require you to take cortisol supplements in order to supply the body with cortisol, a hormone that fights stress, because the adrenal glands are not producing any.

If you are fatigued you don’t need cortisol substitutes and instead need to focus on promoting better adrenal gland health as well as preventing it from over working. This is why the above remedies focused on antioxidants, energy boosters, and rest.

Cortisol replacements can be helpful if fatigue isn’t being treated or if it had evolved into Addison’s disease (primary adrenal insufficiency).

Anti-Fatigue Supplements

Fatigue Fighter Herbal Energy SupplementYou can eat all the healthy food and get a few hours of sleep but your body might be too exhausted to be able to repair itself on its own. That’s why there are fatigue supplements like Fatigue Fighter that are designed to boost what your body is already trying to do: recover.

Fatigue Fighter is just one such supplement but it is perhaps one of the best. It is a very potent energy booster and it also helps you get some sleep, it promotes better adrenal gland health, and it protects the glands from further damage.

With the right supplements you can treat fatigue faster than ever. In no time your adrenal glands will be normal and you’ll be ready to face the challenges of the day with no worries of exhaustion.

But is it a natural remedy? Luckily it is because all of its ingredients come from herbal extracts and other natural sources. None of the chemical compounds are artificial and there are no additives or extenders. It is one of the few proven natural remedies for fatigue you can try!